Our production
We are specialized in sheet metal working for production of mechanical components such as metal boxes and brackets, dissipates, chassis, panels, containers for electronics, rack 19''(dimentions nor exceeding 1 meter) and laser cutting process on third party's account.

working process
Cooperation with customer begins with the product engineering phase and continues with prototyping. Our technical experience acquired over the years helps our customers to manage and solve problems related to the development of new products. Subsequently, the product is manufactured in small/medium size series, both as a prime supplier (for which we cooperate with selected suppliers for treatments such as plating, painting, silkscreens) and as subcontractor.


further opportunities
Our CAD CAM systems are compatible with our customers programs, and product specifications can be upplied by the customer either in writing, or in digital format (DXF, DWG, TIFF, PDF) on CD, floppy disk, endrive and e-mail.
We cooperate with technical and purchase departments and institutions in order to improve production process and reduce production costs (eg. simplifying and optimizing the products). On request we provide conformity certificates. We can work with KANBAN also.

plates used for production:
- cold rolled glossy laminated plate for cold drawing ref. EN10130
- pickled hot rolled laminated plate for cold drawing ref. EN 10111
- alluminised coated plate ref. EN 10154
- 5005 aluminium plate
- stainless steel plate AISI 304
- structural steel plate (Fe 360 - 430 F - F 510) behalf of third parties
- annealed or tempered steel ribbon (C 67 - C 72) behalf of third parties